Emergency Care


True orthodontic emergencies are rare. However, there are instances where minor damage can cause discomfort. Loose brackets or poking wires are the most common problems. These are often caused by eating the wrong types of foods. Be sure to stick to your list of approved ‘soft’ foods to prevent extra visits to repair your braces. Also keep in mind that tooth discomfort is normal. Expect your teeth to be sore for a couple of days following a new wire or a new Invisalign aligner. If you have had a traumatic injury to your teeth or mouth use ice to reduce the swelling. Immediately contact your dentist, oral surgeon or our office. Be sure to always wear a mouthguard when playing sports! Ask one of our team members for a special mouthguard that fits over your braces!

Click here for a guide to handling orthodontic emergencies at home. When in doubt, give us a call!

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A loose bracket is not an immediate emergency. If your appointment is coming up in the next week or two, it can be taken care of at that time. Use orthodontic wax to cover the loose bracket and minimize any discomfort.  Call our office if you notice more than one loose bracket so we can adjust your appointment length to allow time to make the necessary repairs.  If you are unsure whether your emergency requires an immediate trip to our office, please give us a call. We can assess your problem and determine when the best time to see you will be.  Minor problems that are not causing discomfort can often be addressed at your next visit.

Broken or poking wires will tend to cause sore spots on your lips or cheeks.  For sore spots, be sure to cover your braces with orthodontic wax to allow for healing.  If you have a broken wire, remove any pieces of the wire that can be easily removed.  Sometimes the wire can slide around and start poking on one side.  Try to gently slide the wire back around with tweezers or the end of a pencil eraser.  This will save you a trip to our office!  In many instances, you can resolve simple problems at home. Click here for a guide to handling orthodontic emergencies at home. When in doubt, give us a call!