Adolescent Treatment


The Right Age

Timing is critical! Your orthodontist is also a specialist in dentofacial orthopedics and trained to utilize the growth of your child’s facial bones to attain the proper balance between the upper and lower jaws. Adolescence is often the most appropriate time to adequately achieve this facial balance. Every case is unique. Visiting an orthodontist early keeps you informed of the ideal timing for your child’s treatment. Observation visits are complimentary. The only cost to you is your time.

Your Options

For a healthy, beautiful smile, Dr. Eppard offers advanced treatment technologies and quality orthodontic products, designed for comfort and aesthetic excellence. Your child can choose from Victory Series™ Low Profile metal braces, Clarity™ ADVANCED clear braces, or fun shaped WildSmiles Braces®. We know your time is valuable and life can feel hectic. That is why our office uses wires, originally developed by NASA, which allow for a six to eight week interval between appointments. For less complex cases Invisalign® Teen may be the perfect choice for your child’s busy schedule.

Happy Sisters


Dental crowding results from a lack of space in the dental arch. Often a simple treatment with a palatal expander and braces can be utilized during adolescence to eliminate crowding. If your child has an overbite with protruding front teeth, a functional appliance, springs, elastics, or headgear can be utilized to balance your child’s jaws and teeth. Learn more about common problems to look for in the growing child.

Adolescence is also the time when all of the adult teeth are erupting into your child’s mouth. Even if your child had an early interceptive treatment, the adolescent age is still often the ideal timing for the second phase. Orthodontic problems at this age will not get better on their own. Treating at the right age may eliminate the need for extractions of permanent teeth or jaw surgery.