New Technologies


Braces and Invisalign can take years to achieve an ideal result. For those who want a faster approach to a straighter smile, the Acceledent® System offers a gentle approach to accelerate your treatment. Acceledent can decrease your time in braces or clear aligners by up to 38-50%!  It offers a hands-free, comfortable device that you use for twenty minutes a day.  It vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone, which in turns allows the bone to “remodel” faster.  The result, your teeth get straighter faster.  It can be used with both Invisalign and braces.  Whether you are an adolescent, teenager or adult, Acceledent can work for you.  It is safe for all ages.  Many of our patients using Acceledent also claim it actually reduces the discomfort associated with tooth movement.  If you are interested in faster treatment times and reduced discomfort, ask our team about Acceledent!



We offer state of the art treatment appliances and technologies. Our Clarity® ADVANCED ceramic braces offers the APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System. This means each bracket comes individually packaged and pre-coated with just the right amount of adhesive. Flash-Free means virtually no clean up time for your orthodontist. Your braces go on faster so you spend less time in the chair. Our Victory Series® Low Profile metal brackets also come individually packaged and pre-coated with adhesive! For you, this means a stronger bond strength to reduce breakage and unwanted repair visits.

We also offer the latest in temporary anchorage devices. These miniscrew devices are placed by your orthodontist and can be utilized in combination with your braces. Miniscrews allow for more advanced tooth movements that are not possible with conventional orthodontics. They can be used in an array of circumstances such as molar protraction and molar intrusion. These devices combine your road to a straighter smile with a reduced need for costly dental procedures or jaw surgery.